Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wed Oct. 28, 2009

Well Well Well! Last night I didn't go to the gym just like I never do on Tuesdays! I watch the Biggest Loser on Tuesdays. Everyone needs a little rest every now and then. I usually try to go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. Today when I go to the gym I am going to start doing cardio as well as lifting weights. I haven't been lifting weights because I want to get my body back in to at least a little shape.

I am signing up for a 5K...the date of the 5K is November 21st! I am doing with my good friend Mike. He is actually got me inspired to lose weight he has lost 100 Lbs or more now. And he also got me to run period. So thanks Mike I appreciate it! I will kick your ass in a race one of these days! That is a ton of motivation for me..when I have a goal to work for. My first 5K I finished in 37 min and 33 Sec. And my most recent was In July and that was 34 Min. So I will be satisfied to beat my time.

Like I said before I didn't go to the gym last night... but while I was watching the Biggest Loser I was sitting there and thinking I should really go to the gym. My brother in Law has his Wii downstairs where we live. So I put it on this thing called free run... you can run in place while you watch TV. The controller talks to you and tells you how much time you have left. I know it sounds dumb to run in place, I felt really dumb doing it but when I got done I was sweating like crazy.. I did 30 min! I was excited to get some cardio in even without going to the gym!

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  1. Hey Chondi... I'm proud of you... Keep it up!!! I need to start back up... I've really been slacking...