Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First day!!!

Now today is the first day that I am writing about my weight loss. Well.... technically yesterday was the first. But I didn't go to they gym yesterday. I really feel that Tuesdays will be one of my regular days off. The biggest Loser is on and I can't miss that show. That show inspires me like no other! Even though I didn't go to the gym I ate really really well. I counted my points, and I even have a ipnone app that I can use to log my food. So I really feel like I am on track. Now tonight I am hittin the gym, i am going to do some cardio, I will probably to the elipticle for about 30 min, then work on my arms, and back, and then I hope to run for about another ten mins. I really want to get into running shape again. The happiest I have ever been was When I was running. Running a 5K is the coolest thing I have ever done, the sense of accomplishment is so amazing... It even mad my wife cry. ha ha Well I wil be writing down my progress everyday hopefully, and once again I am sorry if it's boring... I am doing this for myself if it inspires other people thats awsome! I will le you know about my work out tomorrow!

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