Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here We Go.....

I finally broke down and got a Blog. One of my friends at work ( Evan ) Sent me a like about a man who weighed 600 Lbs, and he blogs everything he does, everything he eats, exercise, and how he is feeling. I think its really cool how people follow him and how he inspires other people.
So I am basically doing this for myself, so if you don't find it entertaining I am sorry! So I started Weigh Watchers about 1 1/2 years ago i believe. I started out weight about 272 Lbs. The lowest I got down to was 210..I have been slacking lately and now I am about 224 Lbs. That's why I am creating a blog where everyone can see what I do and to hold myself accountable. So i will be blogging about my feelings and my exercise and anything else I can think of. I have ran 2 5K's and that's where I want to get back to. I want to thank my wife for the support she gives me and she has lost 50 Lbs. herself.... She is pregnant so that is put on hold for now. And once again I want to thank Evan for giving me the idea to do this. I posted some old before pics of myself for now. I will let you know how the gym goes tonight. Remember weigh-in days are on Tuesday.

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    that is when you are skinny!