Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Oct. 24, 2009

This morning I woke up at 5:50 and I couldn't sleep at all...I had the day off and everything. I was actually pretty disappointed with that. I went into the living room to watch some TV and see if I could maybe fall asleep out there. As I was sitting there I was just thinking about how hard weekends are for me, and how many temptations there are on weekends. Eating out, Beer, and alot of other stuff. So as I was sitting there at 6 a.m. I realized I wasn't going to go back to sleep and I felt like I was wasting my time. So I decided to go to the gym. I know it sounds crazy but it was awesome. I only did the elliptical for 30 mins but I went up a level and after I was done my shirt was so wet from sweat I felt really proud of myself.

When I do any sort of cardio its really hard because after about 5 min I always think to myself that I am done and I can't do this for the entire 30 min. I start to play mind games with myself. I try not to look at the timer as much as possible, I also focus in on every 5 min. so for example if I am at 10 min, I always think to my self well in 5 more min I will be half way there and then when I get to 20 min I always think to myself that I have only a single digit of time left. It really does help me out quite a bit.

Since I am doing the blog from our laptop I posted some random pics because they are already on our computer. Some of them are of my and my journey others are just my family who is my ultimate support system. We are going to the Ute game today so I will be very good and eat before so I don't have to get any food there. GO UTES!!!!!

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